We would like to dedicate this Bartram & Brakenhoff page to one of our Founders Bruce Brakenhoff, Sr. who has passed away. I spoke with Bruce several times in the days before his passing and his spirit was upbeat & cheerful. I remember clearly the weather on the Narragansett Bay that morning and it was exceptionally beautiful with a deep blue sky, a few clouds, light breeze, very sunny and you could see for miles.......

At the 2012 Palm Beach Boat Show we all spent a lot of time with Bruce under our umbrella, talking, laughing, discussing business and interacting with people on the docks, Bruce was so relaxed and smiling, it was great to see.

Over the years I would call Bruce for his business advice and words of wisdom and we all will truly miss his experience and knowledge that he gave us. It was no secret that Bruce didn't always agree with some of my business decisions, but I always respected his input and took it to heart. Over the years I always said that I had three Dad's; my own Dad (John Lacz) Bruce Brakenhoff & Joe Bartram..... all three were always offering tough love.

Bruce was a true legend and well respected in our industry and was one of the main reasons I so wanted to work for Bartram & Brakenhoff. I will never forget the first day of work for B&B at the Miami Boat show in 1996 and as I walked the docks wearing a Bartram & Brakenhoff shirt, every 10 minutes someone would comment on what a great company I was with and from that moment forward, I never looked back......

I am very honored and proud to be a part of the Bartram & Brakenhoff legacy & family. Having the opportunity to learn so much and spending time with Bruce over the last 15 years was "priceless".... We will all miss Bruce tremendously, but I can assure his legacy & spirit will live on at Bartram Brakenhoff for many more years to come. God Bless Bruce Brakenhoff, Sr. and his family....

Sincerely, David C. Lacz - Owner Bartram & Brakenhoff
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"Very sad to hear this news. I was with him only two weeks ago. He was one of my very favorites in this industry."

" I am so sorry this happened to him and to you. Obviously you were closest to him, probably more so than he was to nearly anyone else.

And it's bizarre. He was just here yesterday for something, possibly to give us a hard time, especially Chet. He had his usual great sense of humor and character.

He had that grumpyness that always turned into a smile. And there were the many Bruce-isms: "I don't want you to look at my boat (listing), I want you to sell my boat", and "don't forget to ask for the order ..... for crying out loud".

This is a tragic loss for yacht brokers. Bruce did what no broker could figure out how to do for himself and added to the business some great systems, ethics and incredible lasting integrity."

Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriamn Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam
"So sorry to hear this. Please let me know when and where the service will be. My sincere condolences to the family. "

"I feel so sad to hear this news. It must be a terrible loss for you all and so hard for his family. Bruce was very appreciated in our profession and we have known him for long. We shall never forget him. With kind regards"

"SOOOO Sorry to hear this news. Bruce was a beauty!! Iconic Yachtsman! Great guy!!!!" With Sincere regrets and condolences

"Our Prayers are with you and the Brakenhoff family. It's so difficult to lose a man of his class. He was a legend!"

"A legend!!"

Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriamn Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam
"We are deeply saddened at Bruce's passing. He has been, throughout my 30 years in this business, one of the most astute, talented and warmly human yachtsmen I have known. Our condolences and heartfelt sympathies are with all of you..." Warmest wishes and prayers

To all and especially Bruce, Jr. "Sorry to hear the sad news. Certainly will be a void on the docks. All the best to those who worked with him and to his family."
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"Diane Byrne from MegayachtNews.com here. I just learned of the passing of Mr. Brakenhoff. Please accept my sincere condolences, and please send them to his family. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I started in the yachting business in 1993, as a staff editor at Power & Motoryacht, and he was a delight to talk with. I'd like to post a tribute on Megayacht News and wondered if you had a photo I could use. "

Best wishes

Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriamn Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam
"I am so terribly saddened to hear this news. It was such a pleasure knowing Bruce for 10 + years and he will be sorely missed by all who knew him. "

Best regards

"Thanks again so much for giving me more of the details on Bruce. Please keep me informed on the status of Noel. The news about her was a further shock. They seemed to be so happy after so many years together. I hope that she gets better very soon and my wife and I will pray for her as well as the entire Brakenhoff Family."


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"Bruce was a traditional "by the book" honest Yankee. His reputation for honesty and hard work is legendary in the industry, working on the YABA ethics and contract committees, he could strike fear into a young brokers heart. As a junior broker, you quickly learned to know your facts and have your ducks in a row before you spoke with Bruce!'

'Bruce guided many of us through our careers, including his very successful son, Bruce Jr. He has raised a wonderful family, been an active member in his community professionally and locally, a respected commodore of the Conanicut Yacht Club, and a wonderful friend. Bruce led a very successful life on all fronts and will be greatly missed. It has been an honour and a privilege to know Bruce and the Brakenhoff family all these years. Godspeed Bruce!"
Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriamn Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriamn Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam

"So sorry to hear the news...please pass along our sincerest condolences! "

"I am so sorry to hear about Bruce, I have known he and Noel all my life, served on Race Committee with Bruce as well. I sent the obit to all the Storm Trysail members. Will you keep me posted on the service arrangements. Please give my love to Noel." Thanks

Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam Bruce Brakenhoff Memoriam
"I am sorry to hear of the passing of Bruce. My parents, Bob & Pamela Wolfe, were good friends of he and Noel in Larchmont during the 50's and 60's. I am about the same age as Bruce Jr. I have vague memories of both of them, and know that Tom & Margot McNiven were also a part of that group as all the children are similar ages. I remember many summer days at the LYC pool with all of them. I would appreciate you passing my sympathies along to the family"  

Bruce Will Be Forever In Our Hearts & We Will Remember His Laugh & Smile Always. May He Rest In Peace”

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